Bankruptcy Services

Are you struggling with too much debt?  Are creditors harassing you?  Are you being sued?

Bankruptcy can help.  When you first file for bankruptcy an automatic stay kicks in which disallows creditors from calling you and taking other collection actions against you.  Bankruptcy will halt most civil lawsuits and foreclosures.  The two most common types of bankruptcy for individuals are chapter 7 and chapter 13.  Under chapter 7, you can receive a discharge of your unsecured debts, such as credit cards.  Under chapter 13, you pay back part or all of your debt under a court-supervised repayment plan.  Although most people prefer to file chapter 7, chapter 13 may have advantages in some situations.  For example, under chapter 13 you may be able to remove a second lien on your house if the value of the house is lower than the amount you owe on the first lien.  Chapter 11 is used by businesses and certain individuals to reorganize their affairs.

Although a detailed explanation of the different bankruptcy chapters is outside the scope of this webpage, the US Bankruptcy Courts have a more detailed explanation that can be accessed by clicking this link:

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